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Preferred Representational System Assessment

Representational systems are the processes whereby we sense and perceive the world we live in. People use a preferred representational system to process what is happening around them and to guide them in their decision making. The most commonly used representational systems are: Visual, Auditory Kinesthetic. The senses function as filters through which we receive information. Most people utilize all representational systems, though they generally prefer one or two of the systems and tend to use them more often than the others. Your dominant system represents the way in which you systematize your thought processes.
If you are capable of identifying a person's representational system, your chances of communicating on the same wave-length and establishing a good rapport with them are excellent. You will be able to "speak the same language" as that person. If you need to build rapport with a whole group, you will want to use all the representational systems so that everyone may participate and process using their preferred system.
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Assertiveness Assessment

This assessment measures your assertiveness in various situations. It will help to provide insight into how you react when confronted with potential conflicts and whether you are instinctively compliant, assertive, or aggressive.
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