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Keld Jensen
Negotiation is a Leadership Competency

Keld Jensen discusses his new book The Trust Factor with Paige Stover at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Keld Jensen demonstrates the mindset, tactics, and communication skills corporate leaders must master in order to greatly expand the possibilities and financial returns of their business dealings. Jensen provides an essential playbook for successful deal-making that a savvy corporate executive cannot be without.
Effective negotiation skills have become an indispensable competency in the arsenal of the corporate chief executive. Business leaders who are able to optimize the potential of commercial transactions are in increasing demand by corporate organizations, and their competence has been recognized by market analysts and the media. Senior managers who are able to successfully negotiate both internally and externally are several steps ahead of their peers. When your job security is measured by how effectively you create value for your customers and dividends for your shareholders, a mastery of NegoEconomics™ signals exemplary corporate leadership and the tipping point of individual excellence.
Jensen's unique approach to corporate effectiveness equips executives with the skills to expand value in any business transaction by stressing cooperation over an "us-versus-them" mentality. Whether the executive is working with six members of the board of directors, 6,000 global employees, or one supplier partner, Keld Jensen's approach facilitates a mutually beneficial outcome: if negotiators share information and explore collaborative approaches to their deal, both parties get more out of the transaction than they previously thought possible.
Jensen has been at the forefront of the discussion on innovative negotiation strategies that are steering companies away from the zero-sum approach to a more cooperative one based on trust, honesty and fair dealing. His "the bigger the pie, the bigger the slice" logic has acquired him a loyal following amongst senior executive decision makers. These influential leaders span numerous industrial sectors, including energy, travel, tourism, financial services, automobile manufacturing, and telecommunications. Jensen seeks to reshape the established approach to negotiation by spearheading the idea that transparency ultimately leads to optimized outcomes grounded in mutual gains.